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Website Re-Design

The Angelo Group real estate team has over 40 years of real estate experience and had a thriving business, but felt that their website didn’t represent them well online and did not show their true value. We took this as an opportunity to showcase their experience and their scope of real estate solutions to serve their clients. We also wanted to make sure that their branding was consistent throughout the site and had tons of ways to turn viewers into clients. So we designed a website that was both user and mobile-friendly and always providing value and a path to lead generation. See site here.


Finished Product

Investment Page

The Angelo Group also needed a way to communicate their investment and opportunities and strategies to potential investors. So we built a viewer-friendly page that helps visually describe the process and expectations for each investment direction. This page acted as a jumping-off point for a series of real estate investment focused blog articles that could are sent out to their email database. Having dedicated pages that are geared towards a certain aspect or demographic in your industry can show more value and add more conversion power to your website.

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